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Advanced Driving Course

Advanced Driving Course – One day course for anyone driving on the road.

  • Strategies for improving driver attitude/behaviour/decision making.

  • Vision exercises, scanning ahead, behind and cross checking.

  • Steering and pedal techniques for emergency collision avoidance.

  • Skid prevention, skid control and cornering techniques in our specialist training vehicle Skidcar.

  • Obstacle avoidance, braking and swerving with ABS and Stability Control in your company vehicle.

4WD Training

4WD/AWD – For anyone driving off-road in a 4WD, AWD, ute or SUV. One or two-day course options. NZQA unit standard credits are an option as our instructors are MITO approved assessors.

  • Strategies for improving driver attitude/behaviour/decision making.

  • Critical questions to ask "Do I have to drive there", "What if, something goes wrong".

  • Crash causes, crash prevention.Vehicle features and important checks pre and post off- road driving.

  • Gravel road driving.

  • Ascending, descending and straddling inclines, steep/narrow tracks.Traversing mud, rutted tracks, grass paddocks.Crossing water, rivers and fords.

  • Safe vehicle recovery techniques.

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Other Services

School Braking Distance Demonstrations

Working with local councils to show our young ones the importance of road safety with impact!

Leading Learners Programme for young drivers

A dynamic driving course offering unique practical hands-on learning experiences to give young drivers and their caregivers driving skills and habits to develop early and maintain for a life time.


Closely working with you and your team around any challenges or requirements around company vehicles, their use and their safety.

Vehicle testing

Providing a third party, independent review of vehicles, their suitability and their safety for your company, team or organisation.


Our team at Driver Safety has been delivering driver training for over 15 years.

All our instructors are NZTA 'I' endorsed.

We have backgrounds in working with communities, working with youth, medical rehabilitation, adult learning, engineering, mechanics and motorsport.

Our Values - Communication, Down to Earth, Mindfulness, Professional.


“What an amazing experience Driver Safety is, all our staff who were ‘experts’ suddenly had a new appreciation of what to expect with the unexpected. I would highly recommend Driver Safety for your company. Smart, affordable, professional, friendly and approachable trainers.”

Keri Tuna

Department of Conservation

“I got a phonecall from our grandson Josh we gave him an entry to the Driver Safety training course. He rang straight after the course to tell us how much he had enjoyed the training. He found the theory part as interesting as the practical and said he learned heaps. We were a bit surprised that a 16 year old know-it-all boy would admit to this. We know he has a huge passion for cars and driving, and know that because of your programme, that he will be a safer and better driver.”

Keith Cowan


“I learned quite a lot today about our driving habits, and a heap about our vehicles. It was also a nice refresher on the road rules. I felt that the trainer communicated and relayed information very well. I appreciated the trainer’s patience.”

Colin Scannell

Hazlett Rural Limited

“The professionalism and friendly service we have received from Karl and his team in training our staff over the years has been second to none and our staff are safer drivers for this. The continual positive feedback we have received from staff who have attended their courses has been exceptional and is a reflection on the relevance of the safe driving practices that are taught. A number of staff have reported having avoided collisions which they attribute to attending such training. I recommend Safety Driving Programmes to any organisation looking to improve the driving skills of their employees.”

Wayne Stack

Selwyn District Council

“The Driver Safety training which I attended recently turned out to be really useful. I was travelling with my family recently and a car on my left unexpectedly turned right and cut us off. I had to do emergency braking. I slammed the brake, steered fully to the right and the ABS kicked in and stopped the car in less than 4 meters. Slamming the brake and the feel of ABS kicking in didn’t made me panic after that training. Great outcome, no one was hurt. It could have been a nasty one, especially with my daughter on the potential impact side.”

Prince Alex

Waimakariri District Council

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